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About your therapist

A Natural Health Practitioner for over 20 years offering Reflexology, Reiki Therapeutic massage, and more recently, Facial Rejuvenation.

Complementary therapies are a non intrusive and natural way of achieving and maintaining our optimum wellbeing. Over recent years many of us are sensing our mind and body feel out of balance resulting in health, sleeping and quality of life issues. We realise that we need a little help to combat the stress of our hectic lifestyles.

Natural treatments can restore our equilibrium, calm us down and drive us forward in a more balanced and relaxed way.
Any hour away from the grind is beneficial but add to that the benefit of Natural health treatments and you are on to a winning formula.

Reflexology stimulates the nerve endings, clearing congestion and stimulating blood and lymph flow to every organ and stucture in the body.
Reiki gently calms and restores our energy and can help clarify our life path.
Facial Rejuvenation, 'Natural Face Lift Massage', through gentle massage and lifting techqniques can free us from locked in expressions caused by habitual throughts and emotions, leaving us feeling and looking more relaxed and youthful.


  The benefits of Natural therapies are numerous and known to
  help with the following conditions:

   - headaches
   - insomnia
   - energy levels
- depression
   - backache
   - bowel disorders
   - hormone imbalances
   - digestive disturbances
   - sinus problems
   - hormonal imbalances




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