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Reiki is an ancient healing technique that enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health by channelling life force energy to where the body needs it.

It supplies the body with additional energy which it can use for healing itself. Reiki is carried out with the client clothed and usually lying down. The hands are placed on specific areas of the body (chakras), bringing energy through the practitioner to the client. Sometimes a feeling of heat is felt but it is not necessary for healing.

The experience is unique for everyone and will vary from session to session. Reiki is a powerful natural therapy that helps to restore balance and health, boost the body's immune system and relieve stress. It can improve the results of medical treatments by reducing pain and tension shortening healing time, and creating optimism.
Reiki replaces energy used up in everyday life, so when feeling exhausted or drained, the resulting imbalance can be corrected promoting a general feeling of relaxation and well being.