Tues-Thurs-Fri: 10am - 7pm

Therapeutic Massage

How it works
Massage strokes dilate the blood vessels, increasing the number of red blood cells and improving oxygenation of the muscles, organs and joints -
Massage stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluids that carry toxins from the body's cells -
The deeper kneading work relieves pain and soreness in individual muscles by realigning the fibres and breaking down knots caused by the adhesion of muscle fibres and connective tissue with toxins -
Massage releases these toxins, and "unsticks" the knotty tissues




Improves immunity, concentration and memory

Speeds healing and recovery in all ages

Regular massage trains the body to learn to relax

The adrenal glands calm and stop over-producing stress inducing hormones

Skeletal system - the flow of nutrients to the bones is increased

Postural imbalance - muscles and bones can relearn how to 'be'

Reduction of muscle tensions which can lead to correction of structural imbalances

Aids with constipation and elimination of waste products

Relax and Unwind.......